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What is this community about?

Do you feel different? Do you know you are different? Do you find that not many people understand you or you don't understand some people? Are you having trouble communicating with your co-workers or loved ones? Do some people frustrate you because they "just don't get it!"? Does it bother you when someone is different from the norm? Maybe it's because you are not the same *type*!

Toronto Talks' aim is to get together a group of people (on-line and off-line) who want to learn about how each other experiences the world and expresses self through emotion, logic, judging, perception, introversion, extroversion, sensing and intuition.

Personality types, personality disorders/differences, communication styles, learning disabilities/differences, learning styles, cognitive abilities, cultural, social, economic and diversity differences all have a huge impact on how we communicate and it's in this group that we hope to overcome challenges to uncover a better, happier existence.

This community is open too all types of information that lead us in the same direction -- and that is: understanding those we relate to and creating a better work and living environment for all.

Discussion of differences, personality and cognition issues, problem-solving, conflict management, the art of communication, etc. are very welcome and encouraged.

This group is for those of us who work and live with Torontonians. Discussion of differences, personality and cognition issues, problem-solving, conflict management, the art of communication, etc. are very welcome and encouraged.

Go Type Yourself Online

and then Introduce Yourself!

In order to get the most out of this group experience, it would be great if members could disclose their personality differences and issues they find in communicating. I understand this can be an uncomfortable thing for many to do but that's what "friends" posts are for and at some point a little pain for a lot of gain is rewarding. :-) If you are worried about people knowing too much about you, then might I suggest creating a "community only" journal?

Indicators, checklists, assessments, inventories, quizzes,
etc., are helpful in gaining a better understanding of yourself and others.
However, humans are complex and thus it's my belief that currently one
or many tools can not tell you everything you ever wanted to know about
yourself and others.

So some on-line tools contain more fluff than others and
if you are able, I would get professional one-on-one assessments (currently
available for MBTI, IQ and True Colors). To consider as well -- personality
can evolve, balance itself out and become synched over time.

True Colors: My True Colors, True Colors.org
MBTI: Jung Type Test, Kiersey, Pathways Iventory, Socionics
Enneagram: Similar Minds Enneagram and Enneagram Institute, Enneagram
Learning Style: DVC Learning Style

Political Party (at the time Green Party wasn't a choice)

EQ: EQ.org, Canada One, The Guardian, Short Quiz, Another Short Quiz

What motivates you?: Monster, Quizilla, Typical Motivators, Volunteer, and Employee Motivations

Explanation of Type

(more links coming...)

Type Logic

9 Types

Even if one doesn't believe in typing and/or are skeptical, there's probably someone you are working with and whom one might be having conflict with that does. so... Try it out. :-)

P.S. If you do not work with a Torontonian and you still want to join, please do. Just keep in mind the group objective when posting and commenting.

Steal the code to put on your userinfo page and help promote the awareness of this community for the betterment of all!

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