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Aug. 21st, 2005 @ 12:12 am Hypocritical society.
Current Music: don omar - pobre diabla (regeaton)
For a while I have heard about the shootings around the city where mostly black people have die. You can hear different opinions, some good, but the majority sin for being naive. They cannot see or don’t want to see the real problem and who is the real responsible.
Some say, let’s hired more policemen (done), solution= No really. Let’s do racial studies and fuck black youth, after all, this is the community involve, solution= NO, and stupid. Let’s shot down the flow of guns from US; solution= Good try, but not even close.
First, you are looking at the symptoms of the problem, the police don’t want to recognise it, yet, but you don’t need to be a genius to see it is drug related. Even if you capture the killers (it doesn’t matter from which ethnic group), you are not attacking the real problem. WE ARE THE REAL PROBLEM. We all who consume and/or allow the consumption of drugs are the real responsible; with punishing the dealer you don’t solve the problem, eradicating the buyer would be a better solution.
I am not a religious man or product of idealism, I just like straight things; if as society or individuals we want to fuck our future with drug, so, be it; but stop saying is somebody else fault.
I am not black and I am trying to defend them, they are the main group involve because they are one of the most marginalized communities and their own members don’t work together; the Canadian Government has part of the responsibility by his failure on integrating this community.
Many have closed their eyes and ears, but this is just the beginning, I know from first hand what is to live without feeling secured: watching your back all the time, being afraid to take public transportation, hiding your money, don’t being able to come home late; built bigger fences, walk you mom and sisters to the bus’ stop, etc, etc,. Believe me, you don’t want it. You have tow options: keep saying is somebody else fault or do the right thing.
Like in many things, we don’t need to change the world, if we change, the world will change, as simple as that.

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