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Jul. 6th, 2005 @ 04:46 pm Is such a pathetic kind of behavior successfull anywhere?
Hi all, I'm new participant of your community. Sorry for bad English, it's just temporarily.

To begin with, I would like to talk one of my observations over with you.
First i must say about the background of the history.
There is the old woman, who's official work is to be envolved in an experimental work, but really she is doing different routine operations mainly as handling papers. Unfortunately or fortunately i was obliged to deal with that person. She knows her status in the company to be very low. And what is more she's pretty old, hence she's outwardly inattractive: some teeth are absent etc. But she goes for work accurately and tries to show other colleagues her own valueability.
So, we came together (though i was able to do it alone, she followed me) to the HR-emploee to solve some problems with my papers. 50 years old woman works usually in the room we came to. But sometimes she is replaced by another worker who is younger woman and who doesn't favour my old companion. It happend that day.
Old lady complaned of negative possibility that this witch is at work today in advance. And it happend! Old lady knocked firstly (Why?). Then we came in. Old lady asked the witch whether she has hair changed. She was so pathetic when asking! And young witch answered something unintelligebly. And you know what, it seemed like this old ladie's slave manner to behave drove young witch up to the wall, but evidently witch tried to hide this feeling. He literally abhored old woman. As a result old lady failed to reach the purpose persuaded.
That moment i noted i started to disdain this old woman too.
She maintained this feeling occured when asked me how she can call me. She knew my full name but wasn't able to decide how to call me. Inspite of the fact, that i'm the cowoker of the same status and far more younger than she is.
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