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Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 07:11 pm Newbie Here!
Hello my fellow Torontonians,

Wow, that was strange for me to acknowledge myself as a Newbie. People usually don't like to celebrate the fact that they're new to a group in order to fit in. I guess I wasn't feeling the need to do that here after reading the "biography" of this community. It sounds like there are a lot of deep-thinkers, intelligent, rational, and emotional people here... And I, like everyone else, am a bit of everything above. So, a little info about me:

My name is Helen. I'm born in Toronto, but I recently moved to Montreal to go to McGill. I'm still a Torontonian at heart, though! I love meaningful conversations with people who can stimulate my mind. I love logic, but I love emotions just as much. I'm not afraid to meet people who will disagree with me.. in fact, I'm very fascinated by them. I LOVE (and am obsessed) with analyzing things from everyone's perspective. I feel that it makes me a better person in the end.

Anyway, that was suppose to be brief. So, that's all for now. Take it easy!
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