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Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 02:10 pm I Miss Those Places

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I know that such subjects on here have probably been discussed before but since I am fairly new to the community I thought I would share it anyway, and would be curious to know more. This weekend a conversation of old Toronto locales that are no more came up. I am deciding to share with you One Of My Favourite Places To Eat, One Of My Favourite Places To Hang Out, and My Most Missed Place In Toronto. All of you are encouraged to share yours, and if you have any other categories please I would love to know.

One Of My Favourite Places To Eat - The Fire Pit

Remember this burger chain folks? I remember it vividly because before my parents separated and my Dad moved to Italy, he would always love to go there and take me there. It was perhaps the only chain burger joint that could have competed with Johnny's Hamburgers (VP&Sheppard) who have made and still make the best Burgers in Toronto.....if you want to debate this with me go ahead...I am always up for a good burger. Anyway back to The Fire Pit. I take a certain pride in that my introduction to burgers came from this place rather than most kids initiation at McDonald's. I don't know if there are anymore if anyone does know, let me know. A close second for places to eat that are gone is Ponderosa, which is now non-existent in T.O.

One Of My Favourite Places To Hang Out - The Barracuda

Maybe it was because I was in my OAC year and was looking forward to getting highschool over with. Maybe it was because I wanted to drink like I did in Italy. Whatever it was the place definitely was somewhere where I loved to go. It was located at Yonge And Bloor across from the Reference Library. Cheap beer, a wide range of music, and plenty of flirtatious girls. It was two levels, the top level to just chill and drink at tables or on couches. The bottom a dance floor, and a year-round beach volley ball court. How cool was it one minute to be dancing to Let Your Backbone Slide, and the next playing drunk beach volleyball with flirty girls falling on you with Girls And Boys as the background music. Unfortunately, due to yuppie residences in Yorkville, enough whining, complaining and money to Barbara Hall convinced her to shut it down. I miss it I would still go if it was around.

My Most Missed Place In Toronto - Maple Leaf Gardens

At least one friend on LJ is rolling her eyes as I mention this place, but please bare with me Cyn. I will never forget coming out of the College Subway at 6 years old, and hearing the hollering of scalpers "who needs seats?" I'll never forget entering the building and smelling popcorn, hotdogs, and cigars. I'll never forget the man dressed in blue suit, ripping my ticket and giving me the other half. I'll never forget seeing just how white the ice was, and how blue the blue line was. I'll never forget the roar of the crowd supporting a team that was doomed to finish last that year. I'll never forget the simultaneous urging of the crowd to shoot, not seeing the puck when it was shot, seeing a red light go on, and covering my startled ears seeing my first Leaf goal. I watched many more after that, and played in the hallowed building. It's what made me attempt a failed career in the NHL, it's what made such a hockey enthusiaist and historian, and it's what made me appreciate the mystique of the game. Keeping it around pains me, it is like a graveyard. I went by there once. Looked inside, and immediately a cop on duty told me to move on......but as I walked away he said "I know son, I can still here all of it too.." Now we have the ACC, a place with bland corporate fans that don't know how to cheer, and are slowly turning the most antique hockey mecca, into a novelty.

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Date:August 17th, 2004 07:16 am (UTC)
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Hmmm well I haven't really been in Toronto long enough to miss places. I think this year is the first time I'm really getting a taste of the city outside of the York campus, so it's all sort of new for me. But I know the feeling. In all the places where I've lived for any period of time, there have been favourite places that have vanished. Some of them were just 'fixtures'... you know, you never visit a place, or maybe you've been there once, but just the fact of its existence, just passing by it every day or whatever, is comforting. And when it's gone, even though you didn't go there all the time, you really miss it being there! Like the Sebastian's in London... I barely even liked the place, but it was such a landmark that when it disapeard and then changed to something else, I was really kind of sad! And I think the whole feeling of bland-corporateness has a lot to do with it. :(